Kenworth Trucks T 8xx 12.5 V6 - 283 kW (Caterpillar)
T 8xx - 800 (2007 - ..)
$ 0 Total price (VAT excl.)
Result of Perfomance Modification
Original After modification Difference
Engine Performance (Specific) 385 PS 412 PS + 27 PS
Toque 1966 Nm 2108 Nm + 142 Nm

Price includes

  • machine diagnostics
  • SW control
  • backup of the original SW
  • individual adjustment of your machine


  • two years on the control unit and software
  • lifetime warranty on software


Software modification can be detected only within a few brands by an authorized dealer. Mostly, they onlu can find out the chase of data entry in the ECM.

By automatic transmissions, we recommend to ask your dealer for software calibration before the modification. The transmission software itself is not modified, the shifting style will be set up in the ECM.

Usually, it takes between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the brand and the model of the vehicle.

TruckEcoPower software modifications must not have a negative effect on lifetime of any engine components, we try to leverage on running at lower RPM and on work cycle reduction.


Manufacturers produce vehicles with an „universal software“. Mostly, They do the same modifications, however, they upcharge models within the range. In addition, they keep certain reserves in the parameters, which we can evaluate and use to your advantage

Every vehicle and every driver is different, our guarantee in the case of software modification is 5%. In the long run, we observe an average decrease of around 8% based on our customers‘ feedback, with the exception of a 15% decrease for vehicles with high tonnage.

No, you do not need to change oil more frequently. We recommend to change the oil more frequently just in case you use the vehicle more dynamicly or under the bigger load after the modification.

We try to stay focused on aftermarket vehicles that are out of warranty. However, the delaer has no capabilitu to detect the modification. Within our Lifetime Warranty, we can easily detune your vehicle before a dealer inspection and then tune it again with no additional charge.

We mainly focus on torque improvement. Usually, it can be increased by 100-400 Lb/Ft, 35 – 120 HP, all depending on vehicle brand and model, technical condition, mileage and type of transmission.

In this case, we offer a lifetime software guarantee for all our customers, i.e. if your dealer reflashes the ECM, after a mutual agreement, we will retune the ECM back again. No charge for retune will be applied.

Yes, we do. The company has a long history in software modification.

The tune does not involve any mechanical interference in the engine. We offer SW modification, namely reprogramming of EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), that is an electronic memory block with a serial program in ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The advantage is that the reprogrammed ECU “is aware“ of its reprogramming, thus CAN bus communication is not affected. Therefore, for instance, if on-line fuel consumption was monitored, it did not compromise the real data.

SW modifications optimally adjust injection parameters, air-fuel ratio, injection duration, fuel amount and also the torque limiter. Using such SW modifications, the performance of turbo diesel engines can be increased by 5-30% and torque by 5-25%. Also the torque curve has a better performance in the low- to mid-speed range. The reduction in fuel consumption can be up to 5-18%.


Nothing is free, except for our special offer – 30 Day Trial Period. Our goal is a satisfied customer and that is why we want you to try our service and see how it works for you and what efficiencies it brings to your operations. We would like to be able to save you some fuel in the long run, and in the first month since the software on your vehicle has been modified, a decrease in fuel costs can be quantified. Please contact us to find out the price of the software modification.

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