Our services are a very specific field, solving savings in transporting costs is a very comprehensive topic. Contact our team of professionals, they will individually compile and a proposal for cooperation.

We will try to answer the selected questions that you most often ask.


  • So what are you actually doing?

We deal with the reduction of operating costs in road transport with a focus on fuel. We can optimize the software in the engine control unit with torque adjustment. To do this, we work with systems to monitor the operation of the vehicle and the driver's activities, if necessary, we will increase his skills through professional training. The accompanying result after driver training for economical driving is a significant subsequent decrease in costs associated with the service of brakes and tires.

  • How much will my fuel consumption drop?

Fuel consumption corresponds to the brand, model, the engine used and the driver's experience and skills impact the final value in a fundamental way. Of course, the load and the route also have an effect on consumption. In the case of software modifications and training of the driver by an economical driving instructor with the support of driving style telematics, a saving of 5% is guaranteed. The average decrease in fuel consumption reported by our customers is around 8% in the long run. An exception is the 15% decrease for high tonnage vehicles

  • Why doesn't the manufacturer do it directly?

Actually they do, the manufacturer will offer you several performance variants for one model before buying a vehicle. It depends on you which variant you choose and whether you pay extra for it. While using the vehicle, the manufacturer no longer offers to modify it. When changing the operating conditions (route / tonnage), the universal SW may not be sufficient and the importance of our fuel map tuning according to specific conditions and within the scope of engine capabilities increases.

  • Will it damage the engine?

No. Our modification does not have a negative effect, because we usually work with original data from manufacturers of a higher power range model. We use higher torque at lower rpms and an overall lower number of work cycles.

  • How long does it take?

The time of modifying the vehicle depends on the brand and model. Usually it take 1-4 hours.

  • Can a dealer see the modification?

In most cases they cannot, however if you want to be 100% sure, let us put SW back to original before your inspection. We will tune it again afterwards. The dealers are looking for engine faults in other EEPROM units (memories) than the modified fuel maps. Modified software does not prevent them from solving current vehicle defects.

  • What about my warranty?

It can affect your warranty if dealer finds the tune. However, we modify your current SW version which means that serial number/SW version number remains the same. Therefore the dealer cannot see it in most cases. If you want to be 100% sure, we offer to put it back to original before visiting your dealer and after an inspection we tune it up again. 

  • What happens if the dealer reflash my ECM.

If the dealer flashes your ECM you will lose the tune. Just call us and we will put it back.